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I'm Chris Force, the editor in chief of Sixtysixa magazine about design and creative culture. 

Every week I send out an informal letter about my week as a design editor and publisher. 

I sometimes share behind-the-scenes moments of stories and photographs I made. 

Other times I share my thoughts on being a publisher and entrepreneur and the constant anxiety-filled battle between making good work and making good money.

Thousands of readers have subscribed, including writers, designers, photographers, small business owners, architects, and creative types from around the world.  

Yeah, but, who is Chris Force?

I’ve been writing, taking photos, and publishing magazines since the ‘90s.

If you already dislike me you may have worked for me at some point; who knows, maybe I even fired you once and you still fantasize about pushing me under the #22 bus. I don’t blame you. Mistakes were made.

Or you might know me from Instagram where I randomly post my photography work and pictures of my motorcycles in different places, often at sunset.

If you don’t ride motorcycles it probably seems like a weird thing to take pictures of your bike in different places at sunset, but it’s a thing bikers do. I don’t know why; it’s awfully boring for everyone involved. Sorry, I’m already rambling.

If you’re a music nerd, you might have known me for the 20 years I published the “underground” music magazine ALARM. Perhaps I wrote about your weird band or tore apart your band’s 7-inch so brutally in a review that you printed it on a T-shirt (true story). 

-Chris Force

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